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State Representative District 23


Dear Friends:

First, I want to thank the voters of Scottsdale for their support over the last twelve years. That support has allowed me the privilege of serving my community for three terms as a Scottsdale City Councilman. Now I am running for the Arizona State House of Representatives in Legislative District 23. I want to continue my efforts to protect our quality of life and insure our tax dollars are spent wisely in the State Legislature.

First a little about my background. I have lived in Arizona for 53 years and in this district for 30 years. I am a Vietnam combat veteran. After coming home from Vietnam I earned an Engineering degree at ASU. I have been married to my wife Kathy, who is an Arizona native, for 44 years, and we have two adult children. I worked in the computer industry for 30 years and my wife and I founded and ran our own successful computer company. My business experience, my public policy experience, and my track record of always representing my constituents make me the best choice in this race.

While I was on the City Council I earned a reputation for fighting wasteful spending and taxation and for standing up to special interests who want to raid the taxpayer's pocketbook. Last fall my wife Kathy and I ran the successful campaign to defeat a third-of-a-billion-dollar city property tax increase. Despite a $230K campaign to promote it, versus the $5K we spent to oppose it, we defeated this tax increase by a margin of 60-40. If you want to see this kind of pragmatic, effective fiscal conservatism in the Arizona State Legislature I would appreciate your support and your vote.

My top priority as a State Representative will be encouraging economic growth. Our state needs money to improve education, protect our most vulnerable children and to maintain and update our infrastructure. But we can't fix these problems by increasing taxes - higher taxes would actually slow down the economic growth Arizona must have to meet the needs of our residents.

While everyone gives lip service to supporting economic growth, it is clear what we are currently doing as a state is not working as well as it should. Our state must wean itself off the booms and busts associated with the real-estate development industry. My experience as a successful high-tech businessman and entrepreneur, and my background in the fast-growing aviation industry, give me the tools to help make this happen.

During my time on the Scottsdale City Council I have been a strong supporter of the tourism industry, and I will continue to actively support growing tourism at the state level.

I grew up in Arizona, I went to school here, I raised my family here, and this is my home. I am running for State Representative because I want to help make Arizona the great state I know it can be. I would be honored to receive your vote in the upcoming election.

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